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Lenticular is the advertisement media distinctive from the general plane media.

It maximizes the scarcity value with the excellent cubic effect and clarity so that utmost advertisement effect can be acquired from it. Virtual reality provides the real and powerful image with the combination of the virtual image and real image in various systems. On the foundation of the accumulated knowledge and technology laid from the merchandizing development and business of the various characters, we are going to carry on the designing, development and production of the products by applying the 3D techniques.

Our company has the know-how and technology to produce high quality based lenticular lens and the mold (roller).
Various expressin methode
  •  Cubic (3D/Depth)  

•  Conversion

•  Mobile (Motion)   •  Morphing
•  Zoom
Application of Lenticular
  - POP Interior-exterior advertisement, Display, Publicity and Sales promotion
- Letter, Various card, Products package, Poster
Grade of lenticular lens with PET, PP
  - 72LPI, 75LPI, 100LPI
- 15LPI, 20LPI, 30LPI, 40LPI
LPI means Line Per Inch.
1. A general view
With our genuine technology, we would like to challenge the hologram and stereophonic image market of the world. Our company, established with research and development specialists in the functional film converting product including the holography and three dimensional stereophonic image and specialists of practical affairs concerning the manufacturing, will put utmost effort to become major company of the world in this field by laying the foundation of the holography and three dimensional image industry which is fragile in and outside the country.
We will lead the world market in the holographic optical application and 3 D image field through the vertical integration of the Embossed Hologram, completion of the construction of the production system in all process, laying out the foundation of the plant industry based on the holography, optical technology and converting technology, establishment of the foundation technology for development and mass production of the holographic optical elements, securing of the original technology of 3D stereophonic image system, development and mass production of the holographic functional film(new material in display field) based on the generative technology.
2. Introduction of manufacturing process and our technology.
1) Manufacturing process
2) Our Technology
  - Development and Manufacturing technology for analog/digital security hologram
- Development and Manufacturing for Wide-Web embossed hologram
- Combination of hologram image with UV
- Various expression technique of Holographic Image.
3. products introductiong
1) Holographic sticker for prevention of counterfeiting
- prevention of imitation products
- Security for ID Card, Credit Card and Passport.
Hologram sticker 1
Hologram sticker 2
2) Holographic film for eye-catching and advertisement
- Packaging film for cosmetic, toys, medicine and clothing
- Publicity and advertisement printing media.
- Poster and Catalogue
Hologram film 1
Hologram film 2